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The Bicycle Register

Avoid bicycle theft

– finally, a solution that works!

We make your bicycle completely worthless to the thief, by engraving 3 stripes in the frame, registering your bicycle in our international database, and adhering a readable license plate with a microchip. This will surely make the thief leave YOUR bicycle alone.

The BikeTag license plate costs a one-time fee of DKK 249,-. and is ONLY sold and attached by an authorized bicycle dealer. Your ownership will then be registered in our free app.

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What do we offer?

With our app you can:

Why use BikeTag?

Because we can do more than just match a bicycle to it’s owner. Besides proving your ownership of a bicycle, BikeTag also offers:

Transfer of ownership

Ownership of a bicycle can be transferred digitally from one BikeTag user to another in connection with purchase and sale.

A stolen bicycle can never be transferred digitally to a new owner, i.e., you do not unknowingly buy stolen goods.

Authorized dealer shops

You can only have the BikeTag license plate affixed in an associated shop. So, it's not just anyone who can order a license plate in the mail and put it on "their" bicycle.

Clear marking

If the license plate is missing, you can clearly see the 3 stripes engraved bottom left on the seat tube*. They indicate that the bicycle is registered with BikeTag. Then you do not waste time and effort looking for a frame number on a bicycle that is not registered with us.

* Can also be done on carbon bikes.

Finder’s reward

We believe a good deed should be rewarded. Therefore, you get DKK 200 every time you submit a wanted bicycle to one of our associated shops.


You can donate your bicycle for the benefit of others if you no longer need it. Or maybe you will find a donated bicycle that you can take home free of charge and with a clear conscience.

The ownership is transferred automatically and digitally to you.

Safe pick-up

Once your bicycle is found, it will be handed in to one of our associated shops. Then you don't have to show up in an unknown and perhaps unsafe place to pick up your wanted bicycle.

Find bicycles

And collect a reward by submitting the wanted bicycle to a dealer shop


Scan the BikeTag to see if the bicycle is wanted or donated

Prove your ownership

Now it’s easy to prove that your bicycle is actually yours. Thus making it safe to buy and sell used bicycles.


You can easily donate your used bicycle, so someone else can enjoy it. Or you can take ownership of a donated bicycle, if you find one.

You install our free app (you must be over 18 years old)

The BikeTag license plate is only sold and attached by an authorized bicycle dealer, who enters the frame number, bicycle details, takes a picture of the bicycle, and engraves 3 stripes bottom left on the seat tube*. All this is stored in our database and is viewable when you scan the BikeTag number or enter the frame no.

The BikeTag is then attached to the saddle tube on top of the 3 engraved stripes. The bicycle shop then transfers the proof of ownership to you, which you than accept in your BikeTag app.

* Can also be done on carbon bikes

Attachment of the BikeTag, registration of ownership in our database and use of our app is a one-time fee of kr. 249,- at one of our authorized BikeTag dealers.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit a BikeTag dealer, we can come to your home for an additional mileage surcharge of DKK 99, – no matter how many bicycles you want to get marked at the address. The offer applies to all addresses in Denmark connected to the mainland by bridge.
All you have to do is use our contact form. In the message, write “Home marking” and your address and phone number. Then we will contact you and make further arrangements.

Yes, despite being firmly attached, it is possible to remove the BikeTag. If removed, 3 engraved stripes appear, revealing that the bicycle is registered with BikeTag. In case the tag is removed, the bicycle can be searched by frame number instead.

Once the dealer has registered and attached the BikeTag license plate to your bicycle, he transfers the ownership to you. Once you have downloaded the app, you can add your registered bicycle by entering your phone number.

The registration of an ownership can also be transferred between two MitID verified parties.

When searching for a BikeTag number or frame number you get no personal information on the owner, only the current status and information of the bicycle. Only the police and BikeTag ApS have access to the ownership registration. Since we use NFC technology in our BikeTag, there is no form of monitoring or tracking, as you have to get very close (0-1cm) to scan the chip