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The Bicycle Register

Enough is enough! STOP bicycle theft!

We believe that bike owners have had to put up with having their bikes stolen for far too long and no one has done anything to stop it. The thief seems to have free rein and is rarely punished. There is a lot of talk in the media and at Christiansborg about what can be done, but it’s all talk and no action. The same government wants greener solutions, especially in transport. What’s better for the environment and public health than a bicycle?

But with the chance of finding your bicycle lock destroyed after work, more and more people are now giving up investing in a bicycle, as it will be stolen anyway, and instead opting for a car or bus.

The bike may end up in a hedge or in a crowded bike rack far away. And there it will stay until it is rusted and then discarded.

Sometimes the bicycle is sold to an unsuspecting person, who then becomes guilty of handling stolen goods.

There are many losers in this scenario: the owner who loses their bicycle, the buyer who unknowingly commits a crime, the homeowner who finds a bicycle in the hedge, the cyclist who can’t find space in the bicycle rack because it’s filled with abandoned bikes, and last but not least, the climate.

Now BikeTag has had enough. We want to STOP bicycle theft once and for all!

We have the solution – all bicycles must have a BikeTag, then the party’s over for the bike thief.

If we all make an effort, the thief does not stand a chance – together we are much stronger. And your efforts can mean the world to someone else.

Our goal is for all bicycles, nationally and internationally, to have a BikeTag license plate, so that we can avoid illegal trade across borders.

Therefore, we have developed our app...

…so that we can help each other with: